( Applicator approved by WHITFORD ) Coatings with Xylan have exceptional characteristics, differing from traditional coatings fluoropolymers because it is a composite material that give these unique characteristics of lubricant with lower friction coefficients and corrosion resistant, supporting high temperatures.

Electroless nickel

This metallic coating is deposited a film on the surface of nickel and phosphorus. It has its uses when required protection against corrosion or wear and often when both features are required. Because these coating has a unique property of generating a uniform thickness across the exposed surface, many applications have been developed.


It is a liquid zinc phosphate compound, formulated to cover parts of iron and carbon steel, and phosphate phosphor in which a paint base and / or lubricant retention is needed.


It is a common dry lubricant. It can impart high lubricity and stability up to 350 ° C in oxidizing environments . Sliding friction tests give friction coefficient values < 0.1 . It is sometimes used as a component in blends and composites which seeks low friction. A variety of oils and fats are used because they retain lubricity even in case of an almost complete loss of oil.


The electrolytic galvanizing is a treatment that provides a deposit of zinc to steel parts , with the main objective to protect against corrosion. The thicker the deposit of zinc, the better is the protection against corrosion.