ISO 9001-2015


At Industrias de Precisión we have the experience for more than 45 years satisfying the needs for the market of parts and complex components machined with the most strict dimensional tolerance and application of coatings against corrosion, abrasion or friction.

We fulfill the expectations and specifications of our clients through quiality records in small or big volume of manufacture and short time deliveries.

Consolidate special manufacture and urgencies of pieces machined and coatings, projecting the company to high volume markets.

At Industrias de Precisión, S.A. de C.V. we seek to conquer the trust of our costumers through machinig and coatings with quality deliveries on time by stability, respect and progress of everyone working here, contributing to the continuous improvement of our performance.


The human team is the group of people organized to achieve a common goal, which is the main reason of our growing company, as the people's image is more valued In Industrias de Precisión we have personnel with technical, administrative and operational knowledge to convey our mission, vision and quality politic. Industrias de Precisión is commited day by day to our clients by offering quality services, therefore we are based on the following objectives:

  • • Be at the forefront.
  • • Maintain a modern and functional infrastructure.
  • • Customize training depending on the requirements of each person.
  • • Have a work team with human quality, committed in their role.
  • • Training and courses for our staff.
  • • Seeing staff as the organization's greatest asset, fostering a climate that encourages commitment, initiative and professional development.
  • • Betting on a permanent growth, committing ourselves to the continuous improvement of our organization and quality system. ( ISO 9001:2015)